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Our Coronavirus Response

  • Our curriculum has been based on 5 key values: Happiness, Resilience, Courage, Trust and Quality. Because of our successful delivery of our curriculum (as evidenced by monitoring up to March 20th) our curriculum restart will also be based on these key values. However, we will be encouraging the new value of Responsibility to phase in to replace Trust. Trust is embedded in our pupils and we believe that responsibility will play a key part in rebuilding our society.
  • HAPPINESS – We will take care of our pupils’ well-being by adapting our day when necessary. We will use every tool, resource and technique at our disposal to ensure pupil happiness.
  • RESILIENCE – Our pupils have lived through an unprecedented time. We will remind them of the importance of resilience and a growth mindset. We will encourage the rebuilding of this value where necessary by ensuring clear, safe routines and structures to reassure and strengthen them.
  • COURAGE – Starting back at school may be difficult for some. Courage will be encouraged through realistic challenge and risk-taking in a supportive environment. Once pupils are ready, we will conduct assessments so that we can identify lost learning and then make plans to address this.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – Everyone has had different experiences during lockdown. But we will rebuild a safe, secure and happy community, society, nation and world by taking responsibility for our own actions. We will encourage responsibility by offering as much opportunity as possible to give children the chance to take responsibility for jobs, behaviour, actions and work.
  • QUALITY – Returning to our best requires that we give our best. Our whole community needs to give our best for the children and the children need to give their best too. Well matched work following careful assessment will ensure the children can get back up to pace with their learning at the earliest possible time. Quality from everyone is expected.

Please click on the documents below to see our up to date information about COVID-19. - Updated 15.02.21

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