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Year 6

Dear Children and Parents/Carers,

During the next couple of weeks, due to school closure, we have created a daily timetable for the children to follow. This will ensure readiness for SATs and allow them to complete the work we would have covered if they were at school.

 English and Maths- Work through your CGP books which are stated in the timetable. If you complete the given work you can begin to create a revision guide at the back of your exercise book. This will really help you in the couple of weeks leading up to SATs- make it bright and colourful.


Times Table Rockstars


Reading Plus

Calculations- To be completed daily, PowerPoint printed off in folder.

 Science- Create a poster using all of the information that we have learnt about this term so far.

What can you remember? Key dates, famous scientists and their inventions or scientific discoveries. Electricity and safety. Circuits and Symbols. Insulators and Conductors

Baking- Use this time to spend some quality time with those around you. What is your favourite thing to bake?

Computing- Free time to go on Xbox, PlayStation, IPads or computers.

Geography- Can you research about a different country and find out all about amazing places on the planet?

Art- To create a piece of Art Work linked to McKenzie Thorpe and our Victorian Topic. This will be used to create a display when you return to school.

History- To revise a period of time which you have already covered in school. (Egyptians, The Vikings, Anglo- Saxons, Stone Age etc.)

Create a Fact File on the period of time so you can use it as a revision tool.

P.E- Go for a walk and try to get some fresh air/ Walk the dog/ Play out in the back garden if you can.

PSHE- Create a poster that we can use around school which promotes kindness.

All work which is not in the CGP books to be completed in the exercise book provided in your folder.

Thank you for your support during this difficult period.

Mrs Flynn, Mrs Jackson and Mr Hindle



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