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Infant Assessment Class

Our Curriculum

IAC are learning about how the seasons and plants change through working with Mr Jackson from Forest Schools. Every Tuesday morning, whatever the weather, we wrap up and venture outside into Billingham South's Organic Garden! We are learning so much through these exciting, fun activities and are able to talk about the season of Autumn. 


Our Cornerstones topic is learning about how to be a good friend. We are developing fantastic skills at sharing, turn-taking, being kind and helpful to each other, and finding ways to sort problems out and work together. We demonstrate this in all areas of our learning.


A Day Out at Saltholme

The IAC went exploring at Saltholme on our latest trip out. We discovered a variety of brilliant birds; such as goldfinch, greenfinch, swan, goose, coot and egret, and watched them with binoculars from the Hideout!! We went on a seasonal walk and found different flowers, leaves, berries and other signs of Autumn.

"I loved everything. Saltholme is awesome!"

"I like the park!"

"Binoculars to see the ducks!"

"I enjoyed finding flowers. Colour matching with the cards."