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Mobile Phones, Sweets and Other Valuables

Children should not bring mobile phones or valuables to school. If a child does bring such an item to school, they should hand it in to the school office for safe-keeping immediately. It will be returned at the end of the school day. However, school take no responsibility for loss or damage to the item.

Complaints, Concerns or Praise

It is sincerely hoped that if you have concerns about any aspects of school life, you would immediately approach a member of staff to discuss it. It is always best to call in and sort out small problems before they become a big worry. We have friendly and open staff who are always happy to listen. Our Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher always take any parental concerns very seriously and are happy to make time to discuss such matters.

Likewise, please let school know if you are particularly pleased with us for any reason. Parents can give any feedback they want to share through our questionnaires on parents evening or through the “Parent View” tab on our school website.

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