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Our Dress Code


We believe that our school should set high standards of dress and therefore we encourage all children to wear school uniform. By wearing school uniform, children will be able to identify with the school and feel part of our school community. All items of clothing should be clearly marked.

What should you wear?                                                   

Black or grey trousers/ shorts (tailored)

Black or grey skirt/ pinafore dress

White or pale blue shirt or blouse

White or sky blue polo shirt

Maroon School sweatshirt

V-neck maroon jumper or cardigan

Black school shoes (black boots can be worn from October half term until Easter)


In Year 6, children are encouraged to wear a black version of our school jumpers to make them feel more grown up and distinguish them as role models for younger children in the school.

What should you wear in Year 6?

Black trousers/ shorts (tailored)

Black skirt/ pinafore dress

White shirt or blouse

White polo shirt

Black school sweatshirt

V-neck black jumper or cardigan

Black school shoes


At Billingham South, P.E. lessons are compulsory.  Parents asked to ensure that children wear appropriate PE kit to school.

What should you wear for P.E.?

Indoor P.E.                                                                              Outdoor P.E.

White Crew Neck T-Shirt

The same as indoors but children may wear a plain black tracksuit.

Black Shorts

White Socks



Please Note – For swimming sessions, boys must wear proper swimming trunks (not sports shorts or Bermuda shorts) and girls should wear one piece costumes (no bikinis). Long hair must be tied back during swimming sessions


Parents are reminded that the following are not acceptable as part of our school dress code:

1) Jewellery, other than one set of small studs in pierced ears and/or wristwatches.

2) Outlandish or patterned hairstyles eg: shaved or partially shaved names or logos shaved into hair and hair extensions.

3) Make up including fake nails.

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