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Mike McGrother

We recently received this fantastic letter from Mike McGrother thanking us for our participation in many of his projects.

I hope you are well - and the school team are enjoying the year. I've been meaning to drop you a line for while but as ever, projects lead to projects lead to evaluations lead to projects so I rarely get time to put anything down in writing.

As you know I work alongside Stockton Borough Council as their Creative Partner. My role involves creating happenings and projects that engage, involve, entertain, educate...engross! I have to say that in the three years since I began this role, Billingham South Primary have been the most supportive school I have worked with. What I love is that you and your team make the connection between the classroom and the community. Be it within my Nativity project; 1245 Sunflowers; Festival of Light and Colour, SIRF Carnivals or my recent Wild Rover presentation, your team embrace what I am trying to do and the take up from pupils and parents is always extraordinary. In my eyes, you have embedded creative thinking and the art of 'opportunism' into learning - and that it is not always an easy thing.

And it deserves recognition and thanks. So I do hope we can continue to work together in the future. I will be in touch about the local history project I am devising for the Spring. Set around early 20th Century Billingham and Port Clarence I hope it is something that will again appeal to the teachers and pupils of your lovely school.

All power to Billingham South!

Mike McGrother
CREATIVE PARTNER, Stockton on Tees