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A Day Trip to the Palace of Westminster


Our exciting day!

Early on Tuesday 8th November, Billingham South School Council set off on a journey to The Palace of Westminster. Firstly, we had an amazing tour of the historic buildings. We visited The House of Commons where we watched MPs debate, Westminster Hall where Guy Fawkes and King Charles I had their trials. We even stood in the same spot as Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela! We met a 'Queen's Messenger' who told us all about his beautiful gold badge and saw the scarf Emily Davidson was holding when she walked into the path of the King's horse in 1913.
After our tour we had a workshop where we learned all about our voice. How could we speak up and have our voices heard? We also had a great Q&A session with our local MP Alex Cunningham who was very interesting. He told us about Big Ben (the bell, not the tower) and how it was originally made in Norton! Every day is a school day!